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miniDSP DDRC-88A

Artikelnummer: DDRC-88A

miniDSP Dirac DDRC-88A

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Introducing the miniDSP Dirac Series, powered by Dirac Live®, the world's premier room correction solution. We are delighted to offer you this software and hardware combination, the fruit of many years of experience in sound system tuning and extensive research and development. The DDRC-88A is the big brother of the stereo DDRC platform introduced early 2014. Based on our proven 8x8 DSP board and miniSHARC powerful module, the DDRC-88A combines two successful & proven platforms into a cost effective one rack unit processor. An infrared remote learning feature and the front panel rotary encoder allow for control of the DDRC-88A processor without any need for a connected PC, once the processor is configured and filters loaded.

Brief specifications

  • Processor 32-bit floating-point Analog Devices SHARC DSP
  • Input/output resolution 24 bits
  • Analog inputs
  • 8 x unbalanced RCA
  • 8 x balanced phoenix terminal blocks
  • Analog outputs
  • 8 x unbalanced RCA
  • 8 x balanced phoenix terminal blocks
  • Internal operating sample rate 48 kHz

What's included

  • Dirac Series audio processor — DDRC-88A
  • Universal 12 VDC power supply with IEC power cable
  • License for Dirac Live Calibration Tool multichannel for miniDSP
  • USB cables for Dirac Series audio processor and UMIK-1
  • UMIK-1 calibrated measurement microphone
  • Microphone tripod stand
  • Printed Quick-start Guide

NOTE: The Dirac Live Calibration Tools Stereo for miniDSP software is only compatible with the provided UMIK-1 microphone for measurement.

System requirements

  • Microsoft• ® Windows® Vista® SP1/ XP pro SP2/Win7/Win8 Mac OS X
  • Intel Pentium III or later processor, AMD Athlon XP or later (SSE required)
  • 2 Gigabytes (GB) of RAM or higher
  • Two USB 2.0 ports
  • Administrative permissions for software and framework installation
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