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Hier finden Sie die Open Source Raumkorrektur (Open DRC) und natürlich die kostengünstigste Raumkorrektur auf Basis von dem miniDSP 2x4 boxed.

AcourateDRC is the next generation of AcouratePRO software from Dr Ulrich Brüggemann. Designed with simplicity in mind, AcourateDRC exports filters who can be directly imported in the OpenDRC.
An easy to use interface for an efficient result at correcting for the listening environment but also the weakness of a given speaker set. The soundstage becomes more stable and deep by improving the coherence of left and right side speakers. The boom factor caused by standing waves and room modes is removed. The end result is clean sound with a controlled bass. 

What you will need

A miniDSP OpenDRC-DI or OpenDRC-AN
AcourateDRC to generate the correction filters. A demo version is currently available at the following link. Purchase of the license to extract the filter is available via Paypal through the software for 75EUR.
A measurement microphone such as UMIK-1

Note that AcourateDRC is a Windows-only program. If you are not sure if you will be able to use your soundcard with AcourateDRC, download the trial version and go through the measurement process described below. This program is a 3rd party program. All support questions should be directed to AudioVero.

System setup

You will first need to get the OpenDRC connected into your system.

OpenDRC-DI: your digital source or sources are connected to the OpenDRC inputs, and the OpenDRC output is connected to your DAC. Since the OpenDRC-DI has a volume control, you can use it as a digital preamp.

OpenDRC-AN: your preamp is connected to the OpenDRC inputs, and the OpenDRC outputs are connected to your power amp. Or, if you have only a single source, you can use the OpenDRC-AN as the preamp, as it has volume control on board. The connections are balanced, so you will need to use adapters if your components don't have balanced signal connections.

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