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miniDSP Open DRC AN

Artikelnummer: OpenDRC_AN
Gewicht: 2 kg
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Open Source Raumkorrektur Hardware für die Software von Dr. Ulrich Brüggemann.

Hier finden Sie die zugehörige Software: AcourateDRC
Diese Version besitzt analoge Eingänge und analoge Ausgänge.

  • FIR Filter (hochwertigste Filter, keine Phasenverschiebung)
  • Raumkorrektur
  • Filterfunktionen und Equalizer

Introducing the OpenDRC platform, a new range of digital audio processor with floating point capabilities for an Open Digital Room Correction (DRC) community. Powered by Analog Devices ADSP21369 Sharc DSP, the OpenDRC engine easily handles complex audio filtering processing such as room correction, FIR crossover filtering, reverb engines... Flexibility, high performance and low cost are the obvious hallmarks of the OpenDRC series.

The OpenDRC-AN (AN for Analog) is a stereo audio processor with balanced analog audio input and outputs on Neutrik XLR connectors. The IR learning remote feature and/or rotary encoder allows for control of the active preset or master volume without the need of any PC once the unit configured. The unit can be used for stereo (Left&Right) room correction, as a subwoofer processor (Mono/Stereo to Dual Subs) or even as an active processor for biamp speakers.

Last but not least, the OpenDRC follows the footstep of our proven miniDSP concept: "One hardware, many plug-ins". An easy to use platform that received praised for its simplicity of use. By setting some strategic partnership with 3rd party software developers, the OpenDRC takes it one step further. From advanced room correction to full featured linear phase crossover, miniDSP products provide an exciting range of audio processing solutions. A convolution engine without a PC in your system.

If you're looking for an all digital version, please check out the OpenDRC-DI here.


  • Room correction with FIR filtering
  • Convolution engine for advanced/Custom filters
  • 2 way advanced filter engine
  • System equalization

Included in the box

1 x OpenDRC-AN boxed in metal enclosure
1 x USB cable Type B
1 x Universal 5VDC power supply with interchangeable plugs for UK/EU/US/AU

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