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The Scan-Speak brand was founded in Denmark in 1970. All our products are developed, designed and hand-built by 50 dedicated staff at our facility in Videbaek, Denmark.
With our many decades of experience, Scan-Speak never compromise on our product or sound quality and never waiver in our pursuit of perfection.
Scan-Speak is renowned for its commitment to quality which allows us to maintain our position as the premier choice for state-of-the art high-end transducers.
The Scan-Speak brand is constantly viewed as a market benchmark by other high-end loudspeaker manufacturers. Our products are sold worldwide to the High-End Audio, Automotive Aftermarket and D.I.Y. markets via a well-established network of distributors and directly to a number of OEM/ODM customers which are well-recognized top-tier brands.

Scan-Speak operates as an independent company in the Eastech Group (www.eastech.com) under local Danish management continuing its tradition of Danish development and manufacturing.